Back in the public eye, three times over

August 24, 2021, No comments

It’s an unwritten rule of life: you wait ages for something and then three come along at once. And the pandemic hasn’t changed that at all. Months with no interviews until three happen within the space of a few weeks, and then are all published on the same day.

First an interesting podcast interview with Chris Wilson from Typically Swiss Tours. We chatted about anything and everything Swiss, from history and politics to what we love and hate – and of course lots of travel tips, especially in the Bernese Oberland. Chris offers private guided tours in Switzerland so contact him if you’re interested.

Then came an online interview with Talking About Books and Suroor Alikhan. She had already read and reviewed (and loved!) Slow Train to Switzerland so wanted to know more about how the book came about. It was great for me to revisit researching and writing that book. You can read the whole interview here.

Last but not least a mammoth video interview with Paul and Laine Paige from the Trending Who, What, Where and When website. Paul and I talked at length about Swiss Watching, a book he really enjoyed, but also about my former life as a travel writer and the research needed to write such a book (clue: it’s a lot).

As if all that wasn’t enough, it was also the week the latest episode of my new Swiss monthly podcast was released. This one was explaining the unique system of direct democracy and how it works in practice. You can listen online via this link, or on Spotify or Apple.

Not forgetting the monthly Swiss newsletter that I write for Bergli Books. It’s free to subscribe to The Swiss Month (click here to sign up) and every month there are great prize giveaways. For example, next month you can win a stay in a lovely Bellinzona hotel.

That’s it. I’m going back to my desk.

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