Schilthorn is a great all-rounder with views and thrills

July 1, 2021, 24 Comments

Schilthorn has one of the best 360° panorama views in Switzerland. You could say it has a view to die for, though maybe that should be A View to a Kill? Yes, I know it’s the wrong Bond film but I couldn’t resist. Even without the 007 connection, this is one mountain top that’s a must-see: easy to reach, hard to forget.

This is an amazing excursion from Interlaken, but unlike Jungfraujoch or Schynige Platte (two other stunners), this one’s by cable car, or actually four of them. Ascending from Stechelberg to Piz Gloria (2970m), each ride seems more death-defying than the last but you barely notice thanks to the unfolding drama of the panorama, centred on the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Up at the top, there’s stuff to do beyond taking countless pics of those views. I like Bond World for its behind-the-scenes info about On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (filmed here in 1968-9). There’s a sense of fun about the exhibits, such as ducking under George Lazenby’s kilt or the men’s toilets with a sign saying ‘aim like James’.

Of course there’s a restaurant, though this one is a bit different from most as it revolves so you don’t miss any of the scenery while you eat. Each rotation takes a leisurely 45 minutes, so banish those mental images of plates sliding around while you whizz round. In high season it’s best to book ahead, and honestly, the food isn’t bad at all.

On the way back down to earth, I always stop off in Birg, the station perched on a rock in the middle of nowhere. The views aren’t different (though you see Mürren better from here) but I love the Thrill Walk. That’s a steel walkway clamped to a sheer cliff, with a glass-floored section and crawl-through tunnel. Good fun for everyone – except those with vertigo.

This is one of a series of articles about Interlaken and the Bernese Oberland. For more information on Interlaken, visit the tourist board’s website.

24 Comments on "Schilthorn is a great all-rounder with views and thrills"

  1. Ma. Tiffany Orapa Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 01:26 PM · Reply

    It’s 2970m.high…

  2. Chris Wilson Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 01:27 PM · Reply


  3. Jacqueline Newman Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 01:42 PM · Reply

    It’s 2970m

  4. Nicole Udeman Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 01:44 PM · Reply

    2970m I would lobe to visit Piz Gloria

  5. Margaret Lambert Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 02:16 PM · Reply

    2970 metres

  6. Jillaine Farrar Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 02:21 PM · Reply


  7. Sandro Pischedda Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 02:54 PM · Reply


  8. Cooke Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 03:21 PM · Reply


  9. Tanja Savenc Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 03:34 PM · Reply

    2970 m

  10. Anne-Marie Sharma Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 05:49 PM · Reply


  11. Martin Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 05:57 PM · Reply

    2,970 m or 9,740 ft

  12. Josi Wandfluh Thursday July 1st, 2021 at 08:32 PM · Reply

    Hello! It is 2970 m high. Thanks in advance

  13. Simon Friday July 2nd, 2021 at 10:23 AM · Reply


  14. Andrew Wood Friday July 2nd, 2021 at 10:49 AM · Reply


  15. Tanya Deans Friday July 2nd, 2021 at 04:42 PM · Reply

    Piz Gloria is 2970m high. I hope I win. Would love to take my dad up there for the first time.

  16. Nick Friday July 2nd, 2021 at 09:06 PM · Reply

    2970 metres

  17. Gabrielle Saturday July 3rd, 2021 at 08:19 AM · Reply

    2970 m

  18. Marc geissbuehler Sunday July 4th, 2021 at 11:45 AM · Reply


  19. Miriam Nussbaumer Monday July 5th, 2021 at 10:11 AM · Reply

    2970 müM

  20. Tobias Buser Monday July 5th, 2021 at 05:30 PM · Reply

    It’s 2970m above sea level 🙂

  21. Ma. Tiffany Orapa Tuesday July 6th, 2021 at 10:58 AM · Reply

    2970 meters above sea level

  22. Hiskia Tuesday July 6th, 2021 at 08:15 PM · Reply

    You’re blogpost are feeding my bucket list since I live here in Switzerland! Thank you for that 🙂

    The Piz Gloria is 2970m

  23. Brigid Krähenbühl Friday July 9th, 2021 at 09:57 PM · Reply

    would love to go up the Schilthorn! Hoping to win tickets!

    • Diccon Bewes Saturday July 10th, 2021 at 08:09 AM · Reply

      Thanks for entering but the draw closed on 7 July. Come back next month to win prizes in Ticino!

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