Old meets new in a stunning Giubiasco hotel

June 22, 2021, No comments

Wouldn’t you love to stay in an immaculate palazzo that’s the epitome of a boutique hotel? It’s the stuff that dreams are made of, and I relished every moment. La Tureta is small but lovely, with wonderful staff and a quiet location that’s a bus or train ride from the centre of Bellinzona.

The Palazzo Scalabrini dates from the 18th century but it has never looked more modern. At least inside. Outside, it’s a picture-perfect palazzo with an arcaded terrace, pinky-peach painted walls, and topped off with the little tower. It’s as if a piece of Florence has landed in Ticino.

Inside, you can see how much work went into the restoration and transformation from private home to hotel. Original features are in almost every room, with the undoubted highlight being the vaulted ceiling and rustic stone walls of the basement cantina.

My ‘Unique’ bedroom was big but luckily not overly full of furniture. A swish bathroom had everything I needed, except a light switch. To my shame I had to ask how to turn off the light (the switch was actually about a metre away, combined with the one for the vanity basin).

My one gripe was breakfast. I had to order everything the evening before, not knowing how hungry I’d be. Yes, it’s down to corona but I’ve stayed in other hotels that are far more relaxed about breakfast. The food itself was fine but it felt regimented and not very customer-friendly.

There are two downsides: the location won’t suit everyone as it’s far from central Bellinzona. And the lack of somewhere to sit and relax. There’s a tiny bar with a nice terrace but that’s it (maybe no one uses hotel lounges anymore; I still like them). But I’d definitely stay here again.

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Overall rating: 86%

  • Best bits: beautiful building, friendly staff, very stylish.
  • Worst bits: no relaxed seating, regimented breakfast, not very central.

I stayed as a guest of Ticino Tourism but my Unique room would normally cost from 198 francs per night including breakfast.

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