Autumn is Switzerland’s best season

October 27, 2020, No comments

I love autumn, or fall if you come from over the water, and I especially love Switzerland in autumn. The colours are as vibrant as New England and the skies often clear blue with a typical golden October.

From the vineyards of the Lavaux to the larches of Graubünden (or Valais), there’s a whole panoply of leaves putting on a show, with the wonderful mountain scenery as a backdrop.

In any other year, this is the moment to travel around Switzerland, without the crowds of summer or winter around. It’s my favourite time for some lovely hikes or gentle boat rides.

Then there’s the food. Not only the plentiful pumpkins but the Herbstteller, or autumn plate, one of the few vegetarian things that the Swiss do really well and doesn’t involve cheese. A must-eat for me every year!

And of course all the great festivals that won’t happen this year in the same way. The Alpabfahrt, or cows coming back from the mountains is an annual highlight, as is the Zibelemärit, or onion market, in Bern.

Soon it will be a grey cold winter so let’s enjoy the last burst of colour while we can.

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