The Expert Guide is coming soon!

February 19, 2020, 2 Comments

One year in the making with fifteen different authors and three translators. The result? The Expert Guide to Your Life in Switzerland, which will be published by Bergli Books in April – in two separate editions, one English and one German.

This book grew from the fact that being a foreigner here is sometimes harder than it should be. We may be one out of every four people in Switzerland, but being one of thousands doesn’t always make it easier to fit in or understand the rules. Sometimes you need a helping hand from someone in the know. That’s where my new book comes in.

Each chapter is written by an expert living in Switzerland, giving you the benefit of their experience and knowledge. Crucial subjects such as housing or tax are covered in detail so you can navigate the red tape. The same goes for everyday matters like recycling or health insurance, or even how to greet the locals.

But there’s more to life in Switzerland than that. This book is bursting with inspiration for making the most of this beautiful country, whether you’ve just arrived or been here a while. From train trips and wild swims to finding friends and eating fondue, we’ve plenty of ideas for enjoying a Swiss life to the full.  

Aside from writing four of the chapters, I worked with every expert so that each chapter is the best it can possibly be. And I learned a lot in doing so. Not just about pensions and insurance but about business etiquette and the Swiss school system.

It’s been a vast project to complete but I think the end result has been worth all the effort (and struggling with technical German vocabulary). I hope you like it – and with it in hand, will love living in Switzerland as much as I do.

The official launch is at Stauffacher Bookshop in Bern on 19 May – and there will be prizes! Tickets will be on sale soon, either in store or online. The Bergli online catalogue has more details about the book. But for now you can meet the experts who created this book with me:

2 Comments on "The Expert Guide is coming soon!"

  1. Maria Tuesday March 3rd, 2020 at 08:22 PM · Reply

    That’s great news! Will there also be an electronic version of the book?

    • Diccon Bewes Sunday March 22nd, 2020 at 12:29 PM · Reply

      There will be a print-on-demand version for sure. Maybe also an ebook but I’m not certain about that yet

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