Flying over Switzerland

November 7, 2014, No comments

Aletsch glacier

If you want to see Switzerland from the air then you can without even leaving home. One great website, Swissview, has countless short films taken while flying low over Swiss cities, mountains, roads and valleys.

One of my favourites is, of course, skimming over the red rooftops of Bern’s old town.

And what better way to see Switzerland’s amazing landscape than from the air. Glide over the Eiger or the Aletsch glacier, peaks and passes, valleys and villages that you’d never otherwise see.

It’s not all picture postcard stuff. Some of the videos show power stations, concrete dams, resorts, suburbs and even motorways.

And railways, which are always worth a look when they are this spectacular.

There’s also a free app so you can enjoy the views while out and about.

Definitely one of my favourite Swiss websites.

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