TV subtitles Swiss-style

January 20, 2014, No comments

Subtitle disaster on Swiss TVYou couldn’t make it up. A sports programme with sexy subtitles for the hard-of-hearing. Last weekend Swiss TV managed to mess things up completely, showing Sport Aktuell on SRF1 with subtitles from the film The 40-Year Old Virgin, which was playing on SRF2. The sports round-up has never been so funny but you’ve got to feel for the presenter when he’s trying his hardest only for “How often do you shag these days?” to appear across the bottom of the screen.

A journalist spotted the embarrassing mix-up and managed to get some screen shots, shown below with more on the Blick am Abend website. A Swiss TV spokesperson blamed a technical error. Evidently these were the wrong type of subtitles.

At least we now know that the Swiss aren’t always perfect at everything linguistic. And can be funny, if unintentionally.

That one needs no translation!

“Hey, I’ve brought a box of porn with me”

“That sounds a bit gay”

“I’d like a shag under the Eiffel Tower”

“You can have sex and I can’t. That’s unfair”

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