The Spring Swiss trivia quiz

March 3, 2013, No comments

Swiss middlepointSo you think you know Switzerland? Here’s a little quiz to test that. After taxing your brains with the 2012 Swiss trivia quiz, this one has 25 new questions for you, all relating to Switzerland, from pigs to presidents.


  1. Which is the smallest canton by population?
  2. Which town has the postcode 4500?
  3. In which canton is the middle point of Switzerland (pictured above)?
  4. Which canton has more pigs than people?
  5. What is the most common street name in Switzerland?

History & Politics

  1. Who was the first female Federal Councillor?
  2. In which battle did the Swiss defeat Burgundy in March 1476?
  3. Which is the oldest of these Swiss chocolate brands: Lindt, Suchard, Toblerone?
  4. Europe’s first parking meters appeared in Basel but in which year??
  5. Who is the current Vice-President of Switzerland?


  1. Who won the Swiss Person of the Year Award for 2012?
  2. Which Swiss competitor has won the most Olympic medals?
  3. Who did Roger Federer beat in the final to win his only French Open singles’ title?
  4. Who was the last Swiss winner of the Tour de Suisse?
  5. Which football team won the Swiss Football Cup final 10:0 in 1935 and lost the final 0:10 in 1937?

Arts & Entertainment

  1. What are the names of Heidi’s (dead) parents?
  2. James Bond’s mother was Swiss, but from which canton?
  3. Switzerland last won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988 with which song?
  4. And who was the singer?
  5. When did Hermann Hesse win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

General Knowledge

  1. Which Swiss man appears on the 10-franc note?
  2. How many types of herbs are in a Ricola drop?
  3. Which town won this year’s Wakker Prize for architecture?
  4. Which canton has the lowest birth rate, at 8.3 per 1000 people?
  5. What is the speed limit on Swiss motorways?

So how did you do? 25 out of 25, again I trust. If you still need help with the answers, then try looking in my book of Swiss facts, Swisscellany, which is packed with exactly such useful – and useless –  information.

Or you can get all the answers here.

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