Have you been Newly Swissed yet?

July 20, 2012, No comments

Shocking news: I am not the only one writing about Swissness in all its glory. There are others. Luckily there are enough interesting and wonderful things in Switzerland for us all to have plenty of material for the next few decades. Now, you may have heard that I am at the House of Switzerland (in London) from today, so my posts will naturally concentrate on that for the next few weeks. Just in case you might start to have withdrawal symptoms if you missed out on your regular fix of Swissness, I’d like to introduce one of my favourite Swiss blogs: Newly Swissed, a visual lifestyle platform about Switzerland.

And it is very visual, which is one of things I love about it. That and the variety of posts and articles it has, helped by having a whole team of willing and able bloggers involved. So you can read about a California girl’s search for the perfect Swiss milkshake, or a trip to Schilthorn, or barefoot running around Zurich. There are also regular posts on food, street art, language, and everyday life in Switzerland, many of which reflect that fact that Newly Swissed has a lot of readers in the US. Introducing both the normal and curious aspects of Swissness to an American audience: definitely a challenge, but one that Dimitri and his team more than meet.

But perhaps my favourite posts are those dealing with design and photography. That’s where having a very visual website comes into its own. Here are some worth seeing:

If you didn’t like those, then you can also submit your own story ideas. No really you can. I like to write all my own stuff, but Dimitri and Mamiko love finding new voices, new outlooks and new ideas. And that’s the secret of their success. Isn’t it time you got Newly Swissed?

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