The ten most popular posts of 2011

January 23, 2012, No comments

2011. It was quite a year. Arab Spring, London riots, Fukushima, euro crisis – and a general election in Switzerland. Not exactly the same razzamatazz as this year in America but enough to be the reason for this blog’s most popular day: October 23rd, election day. Last year I added 66 new posts, eight of them about the elections in various ways. Three of those made the Top Ten of the most read posts of 2011. Here is the list in full, just in case you missed one or want to read them again with hindsight:

  1. Lessons I’ve learned from a Swiss election
  2. Ten free things to do in Switzerland
  3. A beginner’s guide to Swissness
  4. Is this the world’s best public transport?
  5. Where’s the cheapest place to live in Switzerland?
  6. Dead famous in Switzerland
  7. Quick guide to the Swiss elections
  8. Seven Natural Wonders of Switzerland
  9. Meet Homo helveticus
  10. Swiss election results: xenophobia 0 commonsense 1

If we take out the electoral posts, then the next three in line were about eggs, biscuits and graffiti. Much more mundane, and some might say more fascinating, than politicians and votes, although that last post in the Top Ten was also the one with the most comments, so clearly some of you had something to say about the elections – not just me!

What is interesting is that three of the Top Ten were actually first posted in 2010 but have been perenially popular – Swissness, dead stars and natural wonders. Some subjects last far longer than political beauty contests.

So thank you for reading, commenting, sharing and tweeting in 2011. This year promises to be just as much fun.

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