Bundeshaus Bern up in lights!

November 16, 2011, No comments

For the past couple of weeks there’s been a crowd of people standing in the heart of Bern watching an imaginative display of sound and lights. Every evening more and more viewers turn up to see the Bundeshaus (or Federal Palace) transformed into a riot of colour, despite the seasonal mist and fog. I’ve now seen ‘Rendez-vous Bundesplatz’ three times, and each time I spot something different – the dates when cantons join the confederation, the bubbles bursting to reveal the stonework, the Swiss cross in relief.


The best part of the whole show isn’t the music or the graphics but the way in which the architecture of the building is used to full effect. All the columns, arches, windows and pediments become part of the animation. Very clever.

If you want to catch the show it’s on at 7pm and 8.30pm every evening until November 26th. See it if you can but if you can’t make it, then just enjoy the video, filmed on a rather misty evening (as always in autumn) so not as clear or bright as it could be. Sorry about that but you never know, it’s been so popular that it might well be back again next year. Here’s hoping.

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