A big thankyou – and the tour goes on

September 9, 2010, No comments

Even as someone who uses words for a living, it’s hard to describe what last night – the event at Stauffacher – felt like.  Just before it started, I told a colleague that I thought it was going to be the hardest one because so many friends were going to be in the audience. Speaking in front of strangers, as I did last week, seemed easier. How wrong I was.

Standing up in front of 216 people and speaking for an hour was so much more enjoyable for me precisely because I could see so many familiar faces in the crowd. Even better was the fact that while I was telling certain anecdotes (without mentioning any names), I could find that person in the audience and share a secret smile. That is something special.

So thank you everyone – friends, family, customers, colleagues, blog- and book-readers, and even complete strangers (mainly because of a large article in the Bern newspaper Der Bund, pictured). Thanks for turning up last night to support me and make it truly a night to remember. And I hope every member of the audience enjoyed it as much as I did, even if I did make them all join in with the chocolate taste-test. It was no normal book reading, that’s for sure. A novel experience for many Swiss listeners, I think.

After four events in eight days, I’m giving myself a break. But in two weeks, Swiss Watching is back on tour – and crossing the Röstigraben (the imaginary divide between German and French speaking Switzerland) for the first time. Romandie, here I come! Here are the confirmed dates for the next few events that are open to the public. If Swiss Watching is coming to a spot near you, then come along and join in:

24 September at 6.30pm: Reading & drinks at Off the Shelf in Geneva. RSVP [email protected] or 022 311 1090

10th October at 11am-5pm: Expat Expo fair at Palexpo Hall 7 in Geneva

21st October at 6pm: Reading & drinks at Payot Chantepoulet in Geneva. RSVP [email protected] 022 731 8950

2nd November at 7pm: Reading & drinks at Books Books Books in Lausanne. RSVP [email protected] or 021 311 2584

Hope to see you at one of those. Failing that, you can always pop into the Stauffacher English Bookshop in Bern. I’m usually there – when I’m not over on the other side of Switzerland, that is. If you’ve enjoyed the book, the blog, the events or all of the above, please don’t be shy in telling your family, friends, neighbours, strangers in the street. Word of mouth is the best recommendation a book can have.

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