First gold in 2010 Olympics to Switzerland

February 13, 2010, No comments

It could all be downhill from here for the Swiss Olympic team, but they have struck gold first and, even better, beat the Austrians into third place. Switzerland’s hero of the hour is Simon Ammann, who won the ski-jumping in the individual normal hill event. Basically, he crouched, slid down a hill and landed a long way from the line.

Herr Ammann won double ski jump gold back in 2002 at Salt Lake City (the North American snow clearly suits him), in both the normal hill and the large hill, which presumably is bigger and harder. And then went on to be crowned Swiss Sportsman of the Year. Only to disappear from view. But he’s definitely back now.

According to his website, he’s from Schindellegi in Canton Schwyz (one of the original three Swiss cantons), is 1.72m tall, weighs 58kg, and is 28 years old. He’s single and his hobbies are parachute jumping, motorcycling and golf. Really is the sporty type; no wonder he’s still single. Swiss websites love their stats, and it looks like Simon Ammann’s is no exception.

So congratulations to the first gold medallist of the Vancouver Games. May it be the first of many for the Swiss. I might as well support them, as it’s highly unlikely Britain will get anything. We haven’t been in the running (or even jumping) since Eddie the Eagle retired.

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