Past events

There have been many different events for Swiss Watching since it was published in June 2010, both in Switzerland and also the UK and USA. Details of forthcoming events can be found here.

Two of the events listed below were live radio interviews. Excess Baggage on BBC Radio 4 was in English and Persönlich on Radio DRS1 was in German. You can still listen to either of them on the internet – just click on the relevant link.

4 June, private launch in Petersfield, Hampshire
8 June, official launch in London
14 June, Leith Festival, Scotland
24 July, Excess Baggage on BBC Radio 4
1 September, Bergli Books, Basel
3 September, Orell Füssli, Zürich
5 September, Expat Expo, Zurich
8 September, Stauffacher Buchhandlung, Bern
24 September, Off the Shelf, Geneva
1 October, The Book Nook, Lugano
10 October, Expat Expo, Geneva
15 October, American Women’s Club, Zurich
21 October, Payot Chantepoulet, Geneva
24 October, Persönlich on Radio DRS1
27 October, Stocker Buchhandlung, Lucerne hosted by the Anglo-Swiss Club
28 October, AASA dinner, Zurich
2 November, Books Books Books, Lausanne
10 November, Pepperdine University, Lausanne
11 November, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld, Bern
2 December, Pädagogische Hochschule, Bern
8 December, British Embassy, Bern

3 March: lucerne4you in Stocker Buchhaus, Lucerne
23 March: zug4you, Zug
10 April: Expat Expo , Zug
30 April: International Book Fair, Geneva
7 May: ETAS, Solothurn
17 May: Léman Events at Brillantmont School, Lausanne
18 May: Thalia Bookshop, Basel
22 May: Expat Expo, Basel
23 June: Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles
13 September: International School, Bern
25 September: Book Nook Revue, Lugano
28 September: Laufen Press Day, Laufen
12 October: Relocate to Switzerland seminar, London
18 October: Swiss-British Society, Bern
29 October: ETAS, Baden
31 October: Pepperdine University, Lausanne
6 November: Léman Expat Fair, Lausanne
6 December: Brits in Business, Geneva


17 January: British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Bern
18 January: Interview on Monocle24 Radio
27 January: Unitobler, Bern
10 February: Swiss-British Society Burns Night, Gümligen
5 March: Pepperdine University, Lausanne
9 March: Migros Klubschule, St Gallen
10 March: Migros Klubschule, Wetzikon
16 March: Migros Klubschule, Chur
17 March: Migros Klubschule, Winterthur
26 April: British Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Zurich
9 May: Stauffacher Buchhandlung, Bern
18-20 May: Zurich Writers’ Workshop, Zurich
9 June: International Wine & Food Society, Rapperswil


3 November, 12 noon at Léman Expat Fair, Lausanne

12 November, 7pm at Waterstones, Peterborough

13 November, 6.30pm at Daunts Marylebone, London (invitation only; please contact me)

14 November, 7pm at One Tree Books, Petersfield

18 November, 6.45pm at Waterstones, York

25 November,  7.30pm in Nyon (hosted by Living in Nyon and Off the Shelf)

27 November, 8pm at Stauffacher, Bern

2 December, 8pm at Thalia, Basel

3 December, 7pm with Berne Accueil (bilingual French-English)

5 December, 6.30pm at Stocker, Lucerne (hosted by Lucerne4You)

8 December, signing at 3pm, Orell Füssli English Bookshop, Zurich

9 December, 7.30pm at Balmer, Zug (hosted by Zug4You)

14 December, signing at 3pm, BooksBooksBooks, Lausanne


Starting  on 17 January there will be a series of nine talks at Migros Klubschule, each on a Friday evening. And all are free, although as places are limited you need to reserve a seat by clicking here (or the individual links below) and filling out the form.


  • 23 January for Belle Epoque week in Kandersteg, 10.30am at Hotel Blümlisalp
  • 27 May, 6.30pm at Kramerbooks in Washington DC
  • 2 June, 6pm at the Swiss Society of New York (no talk being given)
  • 9 June, 7.30pm at the Turner Hall in Monroe, Wisconsin
  • 18-21 June, all weekend at the Swiss Saengerfest in New Glarus, Wisconsin
  • 14 July in Santa Clara, Utah
  • 1 August in Kansas City, Missouri
  • 16 September, 8pm at Sternensaal Bümpliz (in German)
  • 4 October at Expat Expo in Geneva
  • 15 October with BSCC in Zurich
  • 30 October, 8pm at Stauffacher, Bern
  • 6 November with the Anglo-Swiss Society in Lucerne
  • 10 November, 7pm with Living in Nyon
  • 16 November, 7.30pm at Bider & Tanner, Basel
  • 18 November, 4-5.30pm book signing at Payot, Lausanne
  • 30 November, 7.30pm at Volkshochschule Zürich (in German)
  • 12 December, 3-5pm books signing at Orell Füssli English Bookshop, Zurich




  • 14 January, Lucerne Tourism
  • 29 January, Relocation talk in Zurich
  • 28 February, British School book week
  • 9 March, English church quiz night, Bern
  • 20 March, with Langenthal Bibliothek
  • 22 March, with Credit Suisse
  • 20 April, with Switzerland Tourism
  • 26 April, Abu Dhabi Book Fair
  • 7 May, with the Swiss Club in Perth
  • 23 May, with the Swiss Club in Melbourne
  • 5 June, with the Swiss Consulate in Sydney
  • 22 June, with the Swiss Club in Auckland
  • 28 August, with the Swiss Club in Toronto
  • 9 November, English Church quiz night, Bern
  • 3 December, BSCC quiz night in Zurich


  • 15 January, 6.30pm Swissness course (Part 1: history) at VHSBB, Basel
  • 22 January, 6.30pm Swissness course (Part 2: politics) at VHSBB, Basel
  • 29 January, 6.30pm Swissness course (Part 3: maps) at VHSBB, Basel
  • 5 February, 6.30pm Swissness course (Part 4: Swissness) at VHSBB, Basel
  • 8 February, 4.30pm Slow Train to Switzerland talk at Downhill Only Ski Club, Wengen
  • 12 February, 7.30pm Slow Train to Switzerland talk at Langenthal Bibliothek
  • September, Rick Steves’ tours, Edmonds, Washington
  • September, Turner Hall, Monroe, Wisconsin
  • October, with the Swiss Consulate in Atlanta, Georgia
  • December, BSCC quiz night in Zurich