Book reviews

The official opinions

“Europe’s landlocked island is a great subject for a cultural anthropologist and Bewes, manager of an English language bookshop in Bern, is a perfect guide” A Financial Times Book of the Year 2010

“Diccon Bewes has the Bryson touch,  informing and entertaining readers with his observations, considerable knowledge and love for this little known country.” Book of the Month for July 2010

“He is one of those Anglo-Saxon authors who describe foreign countries with a mix of loving irony and a well trained eye for eccentricity.” Die Zeit

“Swiss Watching is a balm for Switzerland’s battered image; a love letter from a foreigner to his adopted home.” Tages Anzeiger

“With ‘Swiss Watching’ Diccon Bewes has achieved a book that holds surprising insights about the Swiss, and not just for foreigners.” Berner Zeitung

“Engagingly light and comic… [Swiss Watching] will make you smile.” Sunday Telegraph 

“The author’s observations are insightful, with a sure eye for comic or exotic details, and described with typically English humour.” Der Bund

 “A fascinating book, teeming with facts, figures, and anecdotes which even the Swiss don’t know. A journalist, anthropologist and satirist, Diccon Bewes gives us a book that is serious without being academic and funny without ever falling into caricature.” L’Hebdo

“Written in a witty, wry style familiar to anyone who has read any Bill Bryson.”

“At last! A book about Switzerland that cuts through the stereotypes… Swiss Watching manages to combine impeccable research with humour and wry observation.” Swiss News

“Striking and humorous insights into Switzerland. Poignant and full of British humour.” Swiss Federal Office for Migration, Recommended reading

“Of all the English books I’ve read on Switzerland this one has been one of the most enjoyable. Informative, attentive and witty.” Zurich Expats

“It’s a real page turner, a treasure trove. Absolutely jam-packed with fascinating facts that really got me thinking.” Margaret Oertig-Davidson, author of Beyond Chocolate 

“Not just a travel book, Swiss Watching is a no-stone-left-unturned exploration of what makes (and has made) this enigmatic country tick.” Peter Kerr, author of Snowball Oranges

The readers’ opinions

“I am in the middle of your book and JUST LOVE it. This is the travel book to Switzerland I always waited for, also for myself (a Swiss native).” Maggie

“Congratulations! That is by far the best book I have ever read about my country. The book is entertaining, funny, and very informative (even for a Swiss). So thank you for having written that book. It is like a huge mirror where you can see the pretty face of Switzerland but also all of its spots.” Stephan

“Wonderfully written, completely engaging and just impossible to put down once opened. Affection and criticism wrapped up in the most beautiful package. ” Catherine

“You have a great talent to pinpoint the idiosyncrasies of Switzerland.” Anne

“I was caught after a few pages – I found myself and my country in the book – and keep laughing and thinking ever since. Thank you very much for the book… You manage to keep the balance: you show an affection to the country without making it the unreal paradise on earth, but you are critical without being insulting.” Maria

“Just finished your book and loved it! Great help for anyone moving to CH. Or already here for that matter.” Tiana

“I’ve just started reading ‘Swiss Watching’, and I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I’m enjoying it. It’s well-written and well-researched – and I’m learning a lot and having fun doing so. Thank you so much!” Liz

“Got a copy of Swiss Watching today. CAN’T put it down! FANTASTIC read.” Chris

“Even as a Swiss, I realise with shame, that you know much more about Switzerland than I do. I really enjoyed your book; my sudden outbreaks of laugh earned strange looks from people around me. (they must have been Swiss as well)” Beatrice

“I always like an outside view on the things so familiar and common that we don’t even think about.” Stephan

“Just finished ‘Swiss Watching’ and I thought it was a great read: very interesting observations and a gold mine of facts about Switzerland, its people and cultures which you clearly love.” Lorraine

“I have read your book and think that it is exceptional – your style is intoxicating and fun as well as being informative and wise.” Steven

“My Word!  Your book is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!  I find it so much fun to read, and so interesting besides.  Your maps are just great – love them!” Sally

“I can’t put it down. The cover alone gets me so many questions on the tram/train with folks wanting to know what it is.” Simon