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Bahnhof Bern window
April 23, 2012, 4 Comments

The next big test for me is on the doorstep: events in German. Up until now all the 70+ book readings, talks and presentations have been in English

A big thankyou – and the tour goes on

September 9, 2010, No comments

Even as someone who uses words for a living, it’s hard to describe what last night – the event at Stauffacher – felt like.

When author meets audience

September 4, 2010, 5 Comments

    Writing can be lonesome work sometimes. Just you, your thoughts and your computer. At some stage, the circle broadens a little to include frien ...

Swiss Watching on tour!

August 30, 2010, 5 Comments

The time has come for Swiss Watching to go on the road (well, rails actually as I don’t have a car). This week sees the start of various events ...

  • The day I sold my baby for the first time
    May 22, 2010, 2 Comments

    How does it feel to sell your baby to strangers? Anyone overhearing that question from a colleague yesterday must have thought we were having the strangest conversation. What the casual […]