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February 11, 2016, 11 Comments

The black sheep is back, and it’s still a sad sight to see.

Bundeshaus, 1902 - seat of the Federal Assembly and government

Time for another Swiss election

December 8, 2015, No comments

Another day, another vote: that is nothing unusual in Switzerland.

New National Council, according to SRF projection

Things go right for Switzerland

October 19, 2015, 2 Comments

Switzerland has voted and moved decisively to the right. So far right, in fact, that it could now actually be in Austria.

Nuclear pills

In case of nuclear emergency: take a pill

November 20, 2014, 4 Comments

My nuclear pills arrived in the post today, courtesy of the government.

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    The Swiss boat is full
    February 10, 2014, 38 Comments

    Einstein, Nestlé, Hayek, Maggi. None of them was born Swiss. Even Switzerland’s newest Olympic gold medallist, Dario Cologna, was initially Italian