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Polling station
January 23, 2012, No comments

2011. It was quite a year. Arab Spring, London riots, Fukushima, euro crisis – and a general election in Switzerland. 

Four eggs

How the Swiss sell their eggs

November 22, 2011, 18 Comments

Eggs. Such an everyday item that it’s easy to overlook them as something of cultural significance. Eggs are eggs, aren’t they? 

SVP poster

Quick guide to the Swiss elections

October 18, 2011, 20 Comments

On Sunday Switzerland votes for a new parliament. But Swiss elections aren’t like most others.

Homo helveticus

Meet Homo helveticus

October 3, 2011, 27 Comments

Last week I wrote an article for the Swiss edition of Die Zeit, one of the main German newspapers, about the typical Swiss man. 

  • Bundeshaus, 1902 - seat of the Federal Assembly and government
    Ten free things to do in Switzerland
    April 20, 2011, 13 Comments

    Free lunches are as hard to find in Switzerland as anywhere else. You might even think that there is nothing that’s free in the land of luxury, but you’d be wrong. 

  • Berner Rosen apples
    Switzerland from A to Z
    October 5, 2010, 8 Comments

    A is for apple. Ever since William Tell shot one off his son’s head, the humble apple has been the unofficial national fruit.